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  • Understanding hedge funds

    Understanding hedge funds

    A hedge fund is an investment structure that is pooled and is set up by investment advisors or money managers. The pool takes the form of a limited liability company or limited partnership the money manager raises funds from different investors and put it into an investment according to a strategy that he/she has put […]

  • Tips on being a success at hedge funds.

    Tips on being a success at hedge funds.

    To be a success at hedge funds, you have to be able to project trends and catch them at the right time. You will require quite a bit of independent thinking so that you’re able to stand out from the others.  Make informed decisions. Be realistic about your goals and have your schedules well thought […]

  • Tips for investing in a hedge fund.

    Tips for investing in a hedge fund.

    We all work hard so that we are comfortable in our retirement years.   so many people put their money in savings account which does not really help them grow their money. That is why investment is such a good idea, because it can help you earn a lot more. However not many people have […]

  • How to set up a hedge fund.

    How to set up a hedge fund.

    The structure of a typical hedge fund has a company either liability, limited partnership or S corporation that would manage the accounts. A hedge fund has the management company as the partner, and limited partners, who are the investors.  The structure allows limited legal and tax liabilities for the investors and managers. Anyone who receives […]

  • Frequently asked Questions about hedge funds.

    Are you thinking of investing in a hedge fund and find that you have some lingering questions? We will tackle some of the common questions about hedge funds and hopefully allow you to make a decision on which investment vehicle works for you. What is a hedge fund? A hedge fund describes a structure as […]